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It is not enough to survive; we need to strive to thrive – Guest Article Jakki Lovewell

The diagram below is taken from The Code of the Extraordinary Mind written by one of my favourite influencers Vishen Lakhiani. Vishen is someone I follow on all social media feeds, I read his books and I incorporate his lifestyle ideas; he is great at summarising popular thought leaders ideology and making it tangible, I believe through his work – I am a more connected person.

In explaining the above diagram in his book; Vishen asks the reader to question, “What would happen if we accepted that things will go wrong” and that the ups and downs of life shown in the diagram are to be expected not feared. That to not have the ups and downs would only lead to problems of ‘safety’ and stagnation.

Coming from a career that has been heavily based in Further Education settings/ young talent management and attraction – I can honestly say that having ever changing policy is the ‘norm’ – and the required operational processes you develop for tomorrows world are outdated usually within 6 months.

So I, therefore, consider myself an entrepreneur and I actively develop the so called: ‘7 characteristics of being a Successful Entrepreneur’: –

·        Self-Motivation

·        Having an Understanding of What I Offer

·         Take (calculated) Risks

·         Knowing How to Network

·         Having Basic Money Management Skills

·         Knowledge, Flexibility and Passion

The current entrepreneurial challenge is already being widely publicised across our economy; i.e. Burberry making scrubs for our awesome NHS teams, local restaurants diversifying into delivery serviced meals, engineering settings changing their product lines to produce emergency equipment, all of which would have been unheard of only 2 months ago.

But I do not believe that it is only the Senior Leaders within these businesses that are generating these entrepreneurial thoughts, behind every organisation (as in our own) Senior Leaders are communicating openly with their colleagues about business challenges and asking everyone to share ideas to sustain/ rebuild or diversify old operational practise and celebrate team success.

It is not enough to survive we need to strive to thrive, I do not I think we are anywhere near the top of the chart on Vishen’s illustrated timeline; I think we are at oh, no. The worldwide economic downturn will test our resilience skills for many years to come, and with that in mind, and, being in a young talent management business; I was wondering how you plan to engage your bright young minds to develop your business for their generation and to take the ups and downs as part of the journey and develop their entrepreneurial skills to secure their own futures against such events again?

Jakki LovewellApprentice Employment Agency Jakki is a respected forward thinking, innovative operational management specialist in the apprentice employment/recruitment sector.

With nearly 20 years of experience providing innovative and creative solutions at a senior level working in the education management industry. Developing systems/procedures and cultures that ensure legal, regulatory requirements for service delivery.

With passion and dedication, Jakki supports employers to engage with Apprentices on a National basis through the development of sustainable and cost-effective apprentice solutions for business of all sizes across the UK.

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