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Gender Pay Gap

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Nicholas Associates Group Gender Pay Gap Report

We are pleased to publish our Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022/23.

As you will see from the figures below we are, as a Group, in a strong position in relation to Average Gender Pay and we are proud that this reiterates our positioning as A Great Place to Work – for all.

We will continue to ensure we focus on our employees and that we develop our total reward offering and development opportunities for everyone.

Bruce Allen – Financial Director

Reporting Year – 2022/23

Average Gender Pay Gap
Mean Average 11.79%
Median Average 19.68%


Average Bonus Gender Pay Gap
Mean Average 57.33%
Median Average 31.63%


Gender proportion receiving a bonus
Males 20.59%
Females 37.16%


Male Female
Quartile Ranking Lowest 82.1% 17.9%
Quartile Ranking Lowest (Mid) 41.0% 59.0%
Quartile Ranking Highest (Mid) 46.2% 53.8%
Quartile Ranking Highest 54.7% 45.3%


Male Female
Relevant Employees  170  148
Full Pay Relevant Employees  170  141
Non – Full Pay Relevant Employees   –  7


Person responsible in your organisation
Bruce Allen
Financial Director


Employee headcount
Number of employees used to establish your headcount for gender pay gap reporting, on your snapshot date 250 to 499

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